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Below you will find a reference of filters available in the Total theme. Filters can be used to modify default theme options, values or output (learn more). You can use the search above to try and locate specific filters. This reference is intended to help you quickly locate a filter name. Once you locate a filter that you think may be useful you can then search the theme files for the filter to see how it’s being used to assist you in your custom code.

Important: This is a manually created list so there may be filters available not yet listed.

Filter by:

totaltheme/blog/entry_blocksarrayReturns an array of blocks for the default blog entry layout.
totaltheme/blog/entry_blocks/choicesarrayReturns an array of blocks that can be selected in the Customizer for the default blog entry layout.
totaltheme/blog/single_blocksarrayReturns an array of "blocks" for the blog post layout when not using a dynamic template.
totaltheme/blog/single_blocks/choicesarrayReturns an array of blocks that can be selected in the Customizer for the default blog single layout.
totaltheme/cpt/entry_blocks/choicesarrayReturns the array of choices for custom post type entry blocks.
totaltheme/cpt/single_blocksarrayReturns correct layout for the single post type display.
totaltheme/cpt/single_blocks/choicesarrayReturns the array of block choices for single custom post types.
totaltheme/custom_actions/user_capabilitystringReturns the user capability required to access the Custom Actions panel.
totaltheme/footer/bottom/copyright/contentstringReturns the HTML for the footer bottom copyright section.
totaltheme/footer/bottom/inner_classarrayReturns an array of classes for the #footer-bottom element.
totaltheme/footer/bottom/is_enabledboolCheck if the footer bottom area is enabled.
totaltheme/footer/bottom/menu/theme_locationstringReturns the name of the menu location for the footer bottom menu. Default: "footer_menu".
totaltheme/footer/callout/button_attributesarrayReturns an array of attributes for the footer callout button.
totaltheme/footer/callout/button_linkstringReturns the link for the footer callout button.
totaltheme/footer/callout/button_textstringReturns the text for the footer callout button.
totaltheme/footer/callout/contentstringReturns the text/html for the footer callout content.
totaltheme/footer/callout/is_enabledboolCheck if the footer callout is enabled or not.
totaltheme/footer/has_revealboolCheck if the footer reveal function is enabled.
totaltheme/footer/is_enabledboolConditional check whether the site footer should display or not.
totaltheme/footer/widgets/is_enabledboolCheck if the footer widgets are enabled or not.
totaltheme/header/aside/contentstringReturns the header aside content.
totaltheme/header/aside/is_supportedboolReturns true or false if the current header style supports the "aside" content area.
totaltheme/header/aside/supported_header_stylesarrayReturns array of header styles that support the aside content element.
totaltheme/header/aside/wrapper_classarrayReturns an array of classes added to the header-aside element.
totaltheme/header/background_imagestringFilters the header background image. Allows but a URL to an image or an attachment ID.
totaltheme/header/flex/aside/contentstringReturns the HTML for the header aside content for a "Flex" header style.
totaltheme/header/has_fixed_heightboolReturns true or false if the current header style has a fixed height. By default it returns true for all the "Flex" header styles.
totaltheme/header/has_flex_containerboolCheck if the header should include a flex container. If true the theme inserts a new div (#site-header-flex) inside the header.
totaltheme/header/inner_classarrayReturns an array of classes that will be added to the header-inner element.
totaltheme/header/is_enabledboolSet to true to display the header or false to hide it.
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