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Total includes many exclusive elements which were created primarily to work with the WPBakery Page Builder which is a shortcode based builder so all the elements are created as shortcodes. Many of these are available in Elementor and Gutenberg as well.

If you aren’t using any page builder and prefer to use the standalone shortcodes you can! Below is a referrance table of all the theme elements with their shortcode name and an example with all their available parameters if you with to copy/paste and modify it.

Important: Not all elements are included as some require WPBakery to function and thus are excluded. You may also be interested in the list of Useful Dynamic Shortcodes.

Name Shortcode Tag Sample Usage
Alert vcex_alert
Author Bio vcex_author_bio
Blog Carousel vcex_blog_carousel
Blog Grid vcex_blog_grid
Breadcrumbs vcex_breadcrumbs
List (bullets) vcex_bullets
Theme Button vcex_button
Callout vcex_callout
Column Side Border vcex_column_side_border
Contact Form vcex_contact_form
Countdown vcex_countdown
Custom Field vcex_custom_field
Divider vcex_divider
Divider Dots vcex_divider_dots
Feature Box vcex_feature_box
Flexible Container vcex_flex_container
Form Shortcode vcex_form_shortcode
Grid Container vcex_grid_container
Heading vcex_heading
Icon vcex_icon
Icon Box (Blurb) vcex_icon_box
Image vcex_image
Image Banner vcex_image_banner
Image Carousel vcex_image_carousel
Image Slider vcex_image_flexslider
Gallery Slider vcex_image_galleryslider
Image Grid vcex_image_grid
Image Swap vcex_image_swap
List Item vcex_list_item
Login Form vcex_login_form
Milestone vcex_milestone
Multi-Buttons vcex_multi_buttons
Navigation Bar vcex_navbar
Newsletter Form vcex_newsletter_form
Page Title vcex_page_title
Portfolio Carousel vcex_portfolio_carousel
Portfolio Grid vcex_portfolio_grid
Post Comments vcex_post_comments
Post Content vcex_post_content
Post Excerpt vcex_post_excerpt
Post Media vcex_post_media
Post Meta vcex_post_meta
Next/Previous Post Links vcex_post_next_prev
Post Series vcex_post_series
Post Terms vcex_post_terms
Post Types Archive vcex_post_type_archive
Post Types Carousel vcex_post_type_carousel
Post Types Grid vcex_post_type_grid
Pricing Table vcex_pricing
Recent News vcex_recent_news
Search Bar vcex_searchbar
Shortcode vcex_shortcode
Percentage/Skill Bar vcex_skillbar
Social Links vcex_social_links
Spacing vcex_spacing
Staff Carousel vcex_staff_carousel
Staff Grid vcex_staff_grid
Star Rating vcex_star_rating
Steps vcex_steps
Teaser Box vcex_teaser
Term Description vcex_term_description
Categories/Terms Carousel vcex_terms_carousel
Categories/Terms Grid vcex_terms_grid
Testimonials Carousel vcex_testimonials_carousel
Testimonials Grid vcex_testimonials_grid
Testimonials Slider vcex_testimonials_slider
Toggle (FAQ) vcex_toggle
Toggle (FAQ) Group vcex_toggle_group
Users Grid vcex_users_grid
Video vcex_video
Post Cards wpex_post_cards
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