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Total Theme

A complete WordPress theme bundled with a page builder and easy to use settings so you can create stunning WordPress websites with ease.

Total Theme: Bryce Homepage Example
Total Theme: Biz Services Example
Total Theme: Amelia WooCommerce Example
Total Theme: Victor Blog Example

Ready-Made Demos

Import a demo in a few clicks or choose to start from scratch if you prefer. Demos are built using WPBakery, but you can create your own site from scratch with Elementor or Gutenberg.

Optimized & Enhanced WPBakery WordPress Theme

Total is arguably the best WPBakery optimized WordPress theme out there. It includes exclusive features, elements and enhancements found no where else!

80+ Custom Elements

If you have worked with WPBakery before you may know that it doesn't include many good blocks. Total introduces over 80 new elements to use with the page builder making it easier then ever to craft your perfect website.

Slim Mode

Enable the exclusive WPBakery Slim Mode in the Total theme to remove unnecessary elements and slim down the CSS & Javascript required for the page builder.

RTL Support

The WPBakery plugin for some reason does not include RTL support for the frontend editor so we've added our own support in the Total theme so if you are using an RTL language the front-end editor will work correctly.

CSS Stretched Rows

By default, stretched rows load horribly because they are javascript based. Total has been optimized to use modern CSS for your stretched rows so they load beautifully.


Build pages faster using exclusive Total theme WPBakery patterns right inside the page builder. Browse through the patterns, find one you like and click to insert it into the page so you can then modify it to your liking.

Optimized JavaScript

By default WPBakery adds their global javascript site wide even when it's not needed! Total uses an advanced technique to load the script only when it's needed to keep your website optimized.

Shape Dividers

Add cool affects to your pages with the exclusive Section and Row shape dividers. There are various shapes to choose from including diagonal, triangle, waves, arrow, curve, mountains, etc.

Self Hosted Video Backgrounds

Total includes an exclusive option to assign self-hosted videos to your section, row and column backgrounds! Self-hosting your video background is much faster and optimal then using YouTube or Vimeo background videos.

Disabled WPBakery Promotions

WPBakery has a built-in function that displays alerts in the WordPress admin with promotions (yuck). The Total theme automatically disables this functionality so you won't be bothered.

Custom Element Settings

Do more with your WPBakery sections, rows, columns and text block with exclusive Total theme settings - max-width, min-height, typography, reverse columns, featured image backgrounds and more!

Disabled Unnecessary Features

Perhaps you've been told WPBakery is bloated, we'll in reality it's not that bloated but also in the Total theme we've added some optimizations to slim things down and speed things up. Experience a new WPBakery with Total.

Better Block Alternatives

Total includes alternatives to core blocks that offer much more flexibility and customization. These include Image, Toggle, Button, Spacing, Divider, Heading, Alert, Post Cards, Image Grid, Image Carousel...and more!

Do you prefer Elementor?

We think WPBakery is the superior page builder. But if you don’t like it, don’t worry because we also have built-in integration for Elementor.

Features you'll Love

The Total theme comes packed with all the features you need to get your site up and running quickly and with ease and without bloating your site up with tons of 3rd party plugins.

Demo Importer

Import a pre-built demo that you can customize to fit your needs. If you don’t like it you can click a button to delete all imported content and start over.

Page Builder

Create your website with ease with the included and optimized WPBakery page builder (recommended), Elementor or Gutenberg.

Theme Customizer

Use the live WordPress customizer settings to change your site colors, fonts, backgrounds, menu, widgets, widths and core theme settings.

Tons of Elements

Over 100 page builder elements that can be used to make your custom pages using the builder.

Dynamic Layouts

Use the dynamic templates function to create custom layouts for your post type posts and archives.

Developer Friendly

Built in hooks & filters so anything can be modified with 450+ snippets available in the online docs.