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Theme Template Locations

The Total theme template files have designated “locations” that can be overwritten either by built-in theme “builder” functions such as the Header and Footer builder, via plugins like the Elementor Pro Theme Builder or via custom code using the wpex_{location}_template_id filter. Below is a list of all the available theme locations:

  • togglebar
  • topbar
  • header
  • page_header
  • single (main content)
  • archive (main content)
  • taxonomy (main content)
  • author (main content)
  • blog_archive (main content)
  • search_archive (main content)
  • post_type_archive (main content)
  • footer_callout
  • footer_bottom
  • social_share

Using the Filter Hook

Below is an example of how you could use the filter to override a template. In this example we are manually setting the news category “archive” location to use the template with an ID of “2”.

add_filter( 'wpex_archive_template_id', function( $template_id ) {
    if ( is_category( 'news' ) ) {
        $template_id = 2; // set a different template_id for the news category
    return $template_id;
} );
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