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How To Clear Your Browser Cache

Whenever you update any plugin, theme or WordPress you must clear your browser and site cache to help avoid any potential cache related bugs.

Clear Your Site Cache

It’s important to clear your site cache first before clearing the browser cache otherwise clearing the browser cache is useless. Not all sites will have cache on their WordPress setup, but please check out the guide below:

Clear WordPress Site Cache

Clearing Your Browser Cache

Clearing the browser cache is extremely simple and  every browser out there has a tutorial on how to clear the cache for that specific browser. Below are the links to the guides for the most popular web browsers:

Important: Clearing your cache is the important part, you don’t have to clear all your cookies and saved passwords. Make sure to close and re-open your browser after clearing the cache, to be 100% sure.

Cache Killer

I personally use Chrome as my main browser and there is an awesome extension called “Cache Killer” which I personally use to quickly clear my browser cache. I would recommend you check it out especially if you are a developer and are making advanced edits to your theme. Anytime you alter your theme’s javascript or add new JS code it’s a good idea to clear the cache and this extension makes it faster/easier. I think it may also be available for Firefox.

Download Cache Killer

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