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Cart Link Shortcode: Display Shopping Cart Link Anywhere

In Total version 5.2 we added a new shortcode named [cart_link] which can be used to display a cart link with the number of items currently in the cart and the subtotal. This shortcode can be used in various areas of the theme such as the Top Bar or Header Builder as well as added inside menu items.

Shortcode Usage:

Basic example of using the shortcode:

[cart_link items="icon,count,total" link="true"]

Shortcode Parameters:

The shortcode accepts a few attributes for customization.

itemsComma separated list of items to displayicon,count,total
linkWhether to add a link to the cart or nottrue
el_classExtra classnames to be added to the elementnull
icon_sizeCustom size for the iconnull
icon_marginCustom side margin for the iconnull
font_sizeCustom font size to apply to the elementnull
font_familyCustom font family to apply to the elementnull

Shortcode Output:

WPBakery Element

It’s also possible to access this element in the WPBakery for use in Dynamic Templates, Header Builder, etc.

Using the Shortcode in Menus

It’s also possible to use the shortcode in your WordPress menus via a “Custom Link” (you can use it and disable the default theme shop icon if you prefer). The only important thing is that you must disable the link because WordPress menus already have links, sample usage:

Developer Hooks (Filters)

The following filters are available for developer usage:

Filter HookDescriptionParameters
wpex_cart_link_shortcode_iconAllows you to override the icon html$icon
wpex_cart_link_shortcode_item_textAllows you to override the Item text$text
wpex_cart_link_shortcode_items_textAllows you to override the Items text$text
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