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Underline Shortcode

In Total 5.10 we introduced a new underline shortcode which makes it easier to add underlines to text on your site when working with any page builder.

Basic Usage

To use the shortcode simply wrap your text in a shortcode named underline like such:

[underline]My underlined text[/underline]

Shortcode Attributes:

The following attributes are available so you can modify your underline.

AttributesAllowed ValuesDefault
colorAny custom hex/rgba/variable color or the word “accent”.
size1, 2, 4, 84
offset0, 1, 2, 4, 80
stylesolid, double, dotted, dashed, wavysolid
skip_inkThe word “none”

Advanced Usage

Here is an advance use of the shortcode with custom attributes assigned to the shortcode.

[underline color="accent" size="2" offset="4" style="wavy" skip_link="none"]My underlined text[/underline]


This is the default underlined text example.

Here is a thinner underlined text example.

Wow this underlined text needs to go on a diet.

Her is some wavy text with a custom color example.

And this is text that has a dashed underline a big offset.

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