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Custom Grid or Post Cards Menu Filter Via the Navigation Bar Element

NEW – Ajaxed Filter: In Total 5.6.0 we added a new Ajaxed filter function that will allow you to not only “show/hide” items in a grid but actually use ajax to query items based on your filter links. See the updated documentation here.

In Total 3.5.3 we added the ability to create a custom filter for your Total grid and the Post Cards modules. This is a fairly advanced function and best explained via a video, but you can also read the general steps added after the video embed below:

The steps:

  1. Add a Unique ID to your Total grid module (Post Cards, post types grid, blog grid, etc).
  2. Go to Menus > Add New and add a new menu and add any categories, tags or other taxonomies you want to the menu that are a part of the post type you are displaying in the grid.
  3. Edit the page where you’ve added your grid and insert a Navigation Bar module to the page.
  4. Edit the Navigation Bar module and under the Menu tab select the menu you created earlier then enter the Unique ID you gave to your grid under the “Post Filter Grid ID” field.
Tip: To create an “All” link, simply add a custom link to your menu and use a # for the link value.
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