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Local Scrolling Links & Buttons

Total includes an advanced function for creating local scrolling links. Please have a look below for the correct guide for creating local scrolling links for the menu or links that auto scroll in a new window:

Creating A Section You Can “Scroll To”

The first step before creating a local scrolling link is to of course create a section that you are going to link to. You can do this by adding a new row via the WPBakery and adding a unique “Local Scroll ID”.

Important: Do NOT add the # symbol to your ID, it will cause issues, ,just give it a unique name. Do not use spaces, only use dashes and underscores. The ID given to this section will them become the URL for your local scrolling link, but with a hashtag in front. So for example if your local scroll section is “about” then the link is “#about”.

Non-Row Local Section

By default the theme has a Local Scroll ID field added to the Rows for easily creating your sections, however, it’s also possible to scroll to any element that contains the data-ls_id adde to it. So for example you could add the following code in an html element anywhere you want the “section-name” local scroll section to start.

<div data-ls_id="#section-name"></div>

Local Scroll Any Link?

If you want to create a local scrolling link on any page simply add the classname "local-scroll-link" to any link and it will scroll there with a smooth animation.



NEW - Automatic Local Scroll Links: In Total 5.6.0 we've added a little javascript that will automatically add the local-scroll-link class to links for you. This works by scanning the site to find any links that are linking to sections on the page and then adding the local-scroll-link class for you. This setting can be disabled via the Customizer if you are having any issues or don't require the functionality.

WPBakery Elements

Some Total WPBakery elements have this ability built-in, such as the Total Button:

For any other module you could add the classname "local-scroll-link" to the "Extra class name" field.

By using the local scroll functions in the theme it crease a "smooth" scroll affect to the target element it also will allow you to link directly to a section when the site loads if you wanted via

Local Scroll Settings

Total also has some useful options in the Customizer under General Theme Options > Local Scroll Links so you can various settings.

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