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Custom Editor Styles

In this theme we have enabled some additional options in your post editor which we think are really useful.

Editor Options

Formats: Total Styles for text highlights, thin font & white text, plus color buttons

Shortcodes: Add icons, a WPML language switcher, a PolyLang switcher, simple button, divider, spacing, staff social links or a shortcode for the current year

Font Sizes: Custom font size options (e.g. 9px, 10px, 12px, 14px, 16px, 18px etc.)

Font Family: Select a different font family for your text. If you would like to add a new font family to this dropdown, go to the theme Customizer and select the Typography tab. Here you will find an option to Load Custom Fonts. Just select your font from the dropdown and save.

Add A Custom Font

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