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Social Links Shortcode

The Total theme includes a Social Links shortcode that can be used to display social links anywhere on the site. Below are the main parameters that can be used with this element.

Note: You can always insert the Social Links shortcode via the WPBakery Page Builder when editing a post/page. But if you need to add the element somewhere where you don’t have access to the builder (such as the Customizer) you can then use a standard shortcode as shown below (or you can insert it on a blank page using WPBakery and then copy the shortcode via text mode).

Sample Usage:

[vcex_social_links twitter="" facebook="" instagram=""]

Shortcode Parameters:

Below are the “main” parameters that can be used with the vcex_social_links shortcode. To view all parameters please see the example usage here or use the element with the WPBakery page builder.

ParameterDescription/Allowed Values
stylenone, colored, minimal, minimal-rounded, minimal-round, flat, flat-rounded, flat-round, flat-color, flat-color-rounded, flat-color-round, 3d, 3d-color, black, black-rounded, black-round, black-ch, black-ch-rounded, black-ch-round, graphical, graphical-rounded, graphical-round, bordered, bordered-rounded, bordered-round
link_targetself, blank
spacingSpace between items (5, 10, 15…etc). See available gap options.
expandTrue/False. Set to true to make items take on all available horizontal spacing.
alignleft, center, right
border_radiussm, md, lg
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