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totaltheme/topbar/menu/classarrayReturns an array of classes to be added to the topbar menu ul element.
totaltheme/topbar/social/is_enabledboolCheck if the topbar should display social items or not.
totaltheme/topbar/content_classarrayReturns an array of classes for the #top-bar-content element.
totaltheme/topbar/social/choicesarrayReturns array of social options for use with the Top Bar social.
wpex_topbar_social_links_outputstringHTML output for the Top Bar social links.
totaltheme/topbar/social/link_attributesarrayReturns and array of attributes to be added to the Top Bar social profile links.
totaltheme/topbar/social/icon_stylestringReturns the style name to be used for the Top Bar social profile link icons. Default is "flat-color-rounded".
totaltheme/topbar/social/alt_contentstringReturns the alternative content to display instead of the social links in the Top Bar.
totaltheme/topbar/social/wrapper_classarrayArray of classes to be added to the top bar element holding the social profile links.
totaltheme/topbar/inner_classarrayArray of classes to be added to the inner top bar element.
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