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totaltheme/integration/wpbakery/video_backgrounds/video_attributesarrayReturns an array of attributes to add to self hosted video elements.
totaltheme/integration/wpbakery/remove_elements/blacklistarrayReturns the array of WPBakery elements that get removed by the theme.
totaltheme/integration/wpbakery/slim_mode/is_enabledboolCheck if WPBakery slim mode is enabled.
vcex_custom_field_param_choicesarrayReturns an array of options for the theme's custom field parameter which is used to select a custom field in various theme elements when using WPBakery.
wpex_vc_waypoints_settingsboolReturns an array of settings to pass on to the vc_waypoints javascript function which is used for the CSS animation settings.
wpex_vc_row_post_thumbnail_bg_idintFilters the ID used for the WPBakery row background when set to display the featured image.
wpex_font_weightsarrayReturns an array of font weight choices for use with various theme shortcodes.
wpex_typography_stylesarrayReturns an array of typography styles used in the WPBakery row/column Typography setting (light, white, white-shadow, black, none).
vcex_grid_default_title_tagstringAllows you to tweak the default title tag (h2, h3, h4, etc) for the Post Types Grid, Portfolio Grid, Staff Grid and Testimonials Grid.
vcex_grid_queryarrayUsed to tweak the Post Types Grid, Portfolio Grid, Staff Grid, Blog Grid or Testimonials Grid query arguments.
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