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vcex_ajax_use_session_storageboolCheck if the theme's AJAX functions should store results in the browser's Local Storage.
vcex_navbar_get_terms_argsarrayReturns the array of arguments for the Navigation Bar element (vcex_navbar shortcode) to pass to get_terms() when displaying a taxonomy term based menu.
vcex_carousel_default_settingsarrayReturns an array of default settings for theme carousels (OwlCarousel).
vcex_optimize_carousels_onloadboolCheck if the theme should optimize carousel display on load. If true, the theme will display carousels as grid elements until the site has loaded to prevent LCP issues.
wpex_vc_waypoints_settingsboolReturns an array of settings to pass on to the vc_waypoints javascript function which is used for the CSS animation settings.
vcex_query_argsarrayReturns the array of arguments to pass on to WP_Query for any theme element (Post Cards, Post Types Grid, etc).
vcex_feature_box_default_breakpointstringReturns the default breakpoint (sm,md,lg,xl) for the feature box stacking.
vcex_image_translate_attachmentboolCheck whether the theme should automatically translate the image ID used when displaying an image via the Image element.
vcex_newsletter_form_action_urlstringReturns the url for the Newsletter element form action attribute.
wpex_font_weightsarrayReturns an array of font weight choices for use with various theme shortcodes.
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