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totaltheme/header/flex/aside/contentstringReturns the HTML for the header aside content for a "Flex" header style.
totaltheme/header/overlay/logo_image_idintReturns the image ID for the overlay/transparent header logo if you are displaying a different logo then the default site logo.
totaltheme/header/overlay/stylestringReturns the current overlay header style. Choices are: white, light, dark, core.
totaltheme/header/overlay/is_globalboolCheck if the overlay/transparent header has been enabled globally as opposed to via the theme settings metabox.
totaltheme/header/overlay/is_enabledboolCheck if the header overlay (transparent) header is enabled.
totaltheme/header/logo/link_urlstringReturns the URL for the header logo link.
totaltheme/header/logo/wrapper_classarrayReturns an array of classes for the header logo wrapper div.
totaltheme/header/logostringReturns the HTML for the header logo.
totaltheme/header/logo/imagestringReturns the HTML for the header logo image.
totaltheme/header/logo/image_attributesarrayReturns an array of attributes for the header logo image.
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