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wpex_card_builder_allowed_shortcodes_listarrayReturns an array of elements that are available for the Card builder when using WPBakery.
wpex_post_cards_query_type_choicesarrayReturns an array of choices for the Post Cards Query Type select.
wpex_has_default_card_stylesboolCheck if the theme's default Card styles should display in the Card select.
wpex_post_cards_entry_classarrayReturns an array of classes to add to the .wpex-post-cards-entry element.
vcex_query_argsarrayReturns the array of arguments to pass on to WP_Query for any theme element (Post Cards, Post Types Grid, etc).
wpex_post_cards_featured_post_idintReturns the ID for the Post Cards featured post.
wpex_card_more_link_aria_labelstringReturns the text to use for the theme cards more link aria-label attribute.
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