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totaltheme/sidebars/primary/insert_hook_namestringReturns the hook name for inserting the primary sidebar area.
wpex_register_sidebars_arrayarrayReturns array of sidebars to be registered by the theme. You can hook into this function to register a new sidebar location to ensure it follows the theme's standards rather then using the core register_sidebar function. Each item in the array should be composed of a key equal to the sidebar name and a value equal to the label to display in the widgets panel.
totaltheme/sidebars/primary/namestringReturns the name of the sidebar to use for the main sidebar area in the theme as defined by register_sidebar.
wpex_sidebar_classarrayReturns array of classes to be added to the sidebar-inner element.
wpex_sidebar_classarrayReturns array of classnames to be added to the #sidebar element.
wpex_get_sidebar_templatestringReturns correct template file name for your sidebar-NAME.php file
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