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totaltheme/header/menu/search/icon_choicesarrayReturns an array of icons allowed to be selected for the header search icon.
totaltheme/header/menu/search/is_enabledboolChecks if the header menu has the search icon enabled or not.
totaltheme/header/menu/is_customboolCheck if the header menu is using the theme's menu or a custom menu such as UberMenu.
wpex_menu_cart_iconstringReturns the icon name for the header menu cart icon.
totaltheme/header/menu/has_flush_dropdownsboolCheck if the header menu should have "flush" dropdowns, in other words the header menu is the same height as the header.
wpex_header_menu_side_arrow_htmlstringReturns the html used for the header menu child items side arrow.
wpex_header_menu_down_arrow_htmlstringReturns the html used for the header menu drodown arrow html.
wpex_has_header_menu_dropdown_caretboolCheck if the header menu should display the dropdown arrow.
wpex_get_header_drop_widget_classarrayReturns an array of classnames to be added to header menu dropdown "widgets" such as the dropdown search and WooCommerce cart dropdown elements.
wpex_header_menu_dropdown_stylestringReturns the dropdown style to be used for the header menu dropdowns which get's added to the #site-header element in the format "wpex-dropdown-style-{style_name}".
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