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totaltheme/pagination/load_more/button_textstringFilters the default load more button text.
totaltheme/blog/single_blocks/choicesarrayReturns an array of blocks that can be selected in the Customizer for the default blog single layout.
totaltheme/blog/single_blocksarrayReturns an array of "blocks" for the blog post layout when not using a dynamic template.
totaltheme/blog/entry_blocksarrayReturns an array of blocks for the default blog entry layout.
wpex_post_author_bio_dataarrayUse to alter the default author bio avatar, description, name, etc.
wpex_blog_single_media_positionstringReturns correct position for your blog post media.
wpex_post_series_query_argsboolUsed to alter the post series query arguments.
wpex_related_blog_posts_columnsintegerFilters the default columns (3) for the related blog posts.
wpex_post_readmore_link_textstringFilters the text for the blog entry read more button.
wpex_blog_stylestringFilters the blog entry style default is "large-image-entry-style".
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