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totaltheme/footer/bottom/menu/theme_locationstringReturns the name of the menu location for the footer bottom menu. Default: "footer_menu".
totaltheme/footer/bottom/is_enabledboolCheck if the footer bottom area is enabled.
totaltheme/footer/bottom/copyright/contentstringReturns the HTML for the footer bottom copyright section.
totaltheme/footer/widgets/is_enabledboolCheck if the footer widgets are enabled or not.
totaltheme/footer/has_revealboolCheck if the footer reveal function is enabled.
totaltheme/footer/callout/button_attributesarrayReturns an array of attributes for the footer callout button.
totaltheme/footer/callout/button_textstringReturns the text for the footer callout button.
totaltheme/footer/callout/button_linkstringReturns the link for the footer callout button.
totaltheme/footer/bottom/inner_classarrayReturns an array of classes for the #footer-bottom element.
totaltheme/footer/callout/contentstringReturns the text/html for the footer callout content.
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