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Updating from a Version Older than 1.6.0

  • Update WordPress: Most importantly make sure WordPress is up to date
  • Backup: First make a backup of your site. You should always have backups of your site, but if you haven’t been keeping backups be sure to make one now.
  • De-activate Plugins: Next, before updating your theme de-activate all plugins to prevent any conflicts.
  • Update theme: Next, update the theme –
  • The theme no longer uses the old Theme Panel method and everything has moved to the Customizer if you wish to migrate the settings over you will need to do the next step, if you rather go in and re-add your settings (sometimes it’s easier) then skip the next step.
  • Migrate your Options: Only recommended if you made tons of tweaks in the theme panel or you don’t want to go into the WordPress Customizer to re-setup the site after migration (although that would be best). So go over and download and active the Total Redux-Customizer migration plugin – – then refresh the site to make sure the settings are migrated. If it didn’t work the first time refresh again (you must be logged in refreshing the live site). Once it’s migrated delete the plugin. Important: This can only import some options but not all of them.
  • Update Plugins: Now go to Appearance > Install Plugins and update any plugins that needed updating –
  • Activate Plugins: Now re-activate your plugins.
  • Finished: Everything should be updated and migrated. If you have any issues please let us know!
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