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How To Renew Your Support License

By default ThemeForest products include 6 months of free support. If during these 6 months you purchase any another license of the theme to use on another client site your support license is renewed automatically for free. However, if you are only using the theme for a single website then after 6 months (if you didn’t extend your support to 12 months) you will need to renew your support license.

To renew your support license simply visit the product page here. On the right side of the screen you will see a big button to renew your support license like such:

Simply click the button and complete the checkout process to renew your support license. If you have any issues please let us know via the item comments section.

IMPORTANT (save money): If you plan on ever using the theme for another website it’s best to purchase a new license of the theme because you’ll get support renewed for free since every time you buy a new license of the theme your support is auto renewed for 6 months (no matter how many license of the theme you have you only need 1 valid support license at a time, so you could buy 100 licenses of Total and only need to have 1 valid support license to receive support for all 100 sites the theme is used on). Plus when you purchase a new license, you will also be able to choose to extend the support to 12 months for a smaller fee of course this is only needed if you plan not to buy another license for at least a year.
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