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Display a Custom Template for the Top Bar Content

By default you can enter your custom html for your topbar content via the Customizer at Appearance > Customize > Topbar. However,  it is also possible to create your own custom topbar using Visual Composer modules. This is done by simply creating a new template with Templatera, adding your content then entering the ID of this template into the content field. Details steps below:

1. Install Templatera

Go to Appearance > Install Plugins and make sure Templatera is installed.

2. Create new Templatera Template

Go to WPBakery Page Builder > Templates and add a new template with your custom content for the topbar.

3. Publish and copy the post number from the URL

Once you publish your template look at the browser URL and copy the post ID, this is the ID number for your template which you will paste into the Customizer

4. Add Template ID number to Topbar Customizer Content Field

Now head over to Appearance > Customizer > Top Bar > Content and enter this ID into the content textarea.

5. Go back and modify your template as needed

Now that you can see your topbar content built with your template you can head back to the template editor and make any adjustments needed.

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