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Creating & Using WPBakery Page Builder Templates

If you are going to use the WPBakery page builder to create multiple pages that have the same general design one of the easiest ways is to create a new “Template” so you can quickly load that template for your new page/post. One of the most popular uses is for portfolio items, most people will have about 10-20 portfolio items and one way to speed up the addition of your items and make sure the look is consistent is to create a portfolio template and then use it for your posts.

Important: This documentation article is for creating templates that you can use and modify across various pages, so they will still be unique to each page the template is used on. Once you insert a template into a page it’s no longer a “template” it’s just that page’s content now. If you want to create a template to apply to a bunch of pages or specific post type that you can modify from a single place have a look at the Dynamic Templates functionality. Or if you want to simply create a predefined template to insert into multiple posts scroll down to the last part of this article under “Section Templates”.

Creating & Using WPBakery Page Templates

When you save a specific page as a template you can then re-insert this template into any given page to start with the same design and then modify accordingly. Have a look below at where the buttons are located for saving a specific page as a template.

Back-end Editor

Front-end Editor

WPBakery Section Templates

The Total theme includes the Templatera plugin which allows you to access and modify your saved templates. It also allows you to insert a template into a page or multiple pages so that you can modify this content from a singular place. Perfect when you want the exact same content across multiple sections of the site (like a row with specific content).

  • Make sure you’ve installed and activated the Templatera plugin under Appearance > Install Plugins.
  • Go to WPBakery > Templates.
  • Add New template with the content you want.
  • Edit any page and insert the template via the “Templatera” module.

Tip: You can create a template and then display it anywhere in the theme as well. For example if you wanted some extra content added above your site header across your site you could easily do this by creating a template and then inserting it via the Custom Actions Panel or via a snippet.
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