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WPBakery Page Builder Bottom Row/Column Margin

By default the Total theme adds a 40px margin below all columns in the WPBakery Page Builder, this allows for a better responsive site but it’s also very important to consider it when building your site so you can create perfect spacing between your elements. This margin can be altered though via the Customizer under the WPBakery Builder Tab:

Removing The Global Default Margin (not recommended)

If you enter 0px for the bottom column margin globally in the Customizer it will remove it everywhere and you will have to remember to add margins to your columns for responsive layouts where they become stacked. Also it will be a lot harder for you to keep consistency throughout the site. It is highly recommended to use a default bottom margin.

The Best Way Of Removing the Margin on a Per Row Basis

There are many times where you may want to remove the bottom margin on your columns. For example if you insert a row with a single column and a background and some text and you want to give your row the exact same padding on the top and bottom you probably will want to remove the bottom margin on the column inside this row and you can do it easily via the row setting named “Remove Bottom Column Margin” simply enable it and you are good to go! This will add a unique class to the row which resets the margins on any columns inside the row.

Alternative method 1: Give Your Column a 0px margin

Alternatively you can just edit any column and enter 0px for it’s bottom margin under the Design Options tab:

In most situations you shouldn’t have to remove the bottom margin on columns, just remember it’s there and work smartly. The only cases where you would want to remove it is when adding rows with backgrounds for example and you want a smaller padding inside the row.

Alternative method 2: Remove Margin Via Row Column Spacing Setting

If you are using a row with a singular column you can also remove this spacing by selecting 0px for the “Inner Column Gap” option in your Row.

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