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Header Menu Search Icon (Styles & Disabling)

The total theme includes an advanced function for displaying a searchbar in your header that can be toggled via a little search icon in your menu.

Enabling/Disabling & Selecting Your Style

To enable or disable this item you’ll want to browse to Appearance > Customize > Header > Menu Search where you will a dropdown for your menu search style. Select the disable option to remove it:

Search Styles

Total includes a few search styles, not only so you can choose the one you like best but also because certain styles work better with different menu types and theme skins.


The drop-down style is the default style and will display a small search similar to your drop-down items.


Header Replace

Header replace will replace your header logo and navigation with a massive searchbar which is really trendy these days.


Site Overlay

The search will open up and cover the full site.

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