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Alter The Top Bar Social Icons

The top bar social icons are actual created using a very modular method so it can easily be tweaked and even extended. Simply copy the code below into your child theme functions.php file and modify it accordingly. You can move items around if you want to change the order in which they display on the front end, you can alter the icon classes if you want to use different icons, alter the label which is used for the title attribute and even add new ones if you want!

Add A New Social Option

You can easily add a new social option (or multiple) using the theme hook (below in the next section you can see the entire code taken from the theme so you know how it all works). The code right below is an example of how you would go about adding a single new option to the social options via a function added to your child theme’s functions.php file:

[gist id=”d6dbeb647db96426ec01″]

Alter Everything? Copy Code Below To Child theme

Copy the following code to your child theme’s functions.php if you want to alter all social options.

[gist id=”2a3834740206ffcafc78″]

Image Style Topbar Links

If you are using the image icons style for your top bar links then you need to do an additional step. You’ll need to copy over the icons from the parent theme’s images folder to your child theme, add an icon for your new social option (must have the same name as the key in the array) then add a function to you child theme to alter the location of your image icons (see example below):

[gist id=”3a6461400ebe978972be”]
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