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Theme Layouts ( Full-Width vs Boxed)

The Total WordPress theme comes with 2 main layouts for your site, Full-Width or Boxed. These settings can not only be changed globally but also on a per-page basis if needed or via a theme filter. Below you can learn about the different layouts and how to change them on your site.

Layout Types

Below is a quick explanation of each layout type included with Total to give you a better idea of how they look.

1. Full-Width

The full-width layout is the default layout for the theme and it displays your content centered of course but with a white background through-out. This layout doesn’t have any padding around the main wrapper.


2. Boxed

The boxed layout has a padding around the main wrapper as well as a background applied to it so that you can apply a custom background to your body and all your content will be centered with the background flowing around it.


Choosing Your Layout

Choosing your preferred layout is extremely simple and below I will show you 3 ways in which you can do it!

1. Global Setting

The global setting located in the Customizer at Appearance > Customize > Layout > General > Site Layout Style will allow you to easily configure the theme layout globally for all pages, posts, archives…etc.

2. Per-Page Setting

If you must alter the main layout for a specific page or post you can do that via the Meta box located in the post editor screen. Have a look below:

3. Theme Filter

Don’t worry I have thought of everything! If you need full control over the site layout for example for changing it on specific archives or post types you can do so via the theme filter “wpex_main_layout”. Have a look at the example below:

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