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Widgets & Sidebars

This theme has by default 11 Sidebar areas for use (but you can add unlimited by installing a 3rd party plugin, such as WooSidebars):

  • Main Sidebar – Used for standard posts and as a fallback
  • Pages Sidebar – Used for standard pages
  • Search Results Sidebar – Used for search results pages
  • Portfolio Sidebar – Used for portfolio posts
  • Staff Sidebar – Used for staff posts
  • Testimonials Sidebar – Used for standard pages
  • WooCommerce Sidebar – Used for WooCommerce products and shop pages
  • Footer 1,2,3,4 – Used for the footer areas

Widgets & Sidebars

Custom Widget Areas & Sidebar Management

Total has a very powerful built-in system for creating custom widget areas and controlling your sidebar output. Have a look at the guide below:

Custom Sidebar Areas & Advanced Management


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