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How to Display A Grid of your WordPress Users (authors, admins, etc)

The Total theme has a built-in module that allows you to easily insert a grid/list of your WordPress users. You can display all users, admins only, authors only, contributors only or display users based on a custom role.

Step 1: Open the page you want to add your users to via the Visual Composer

First you will want to open the page you want to add your users to using the Visual Composer page builder plugin and click to insert a new module.

Step 2: Locate and insert the Total “Users Grid” module

Next you want to insert the Users Grid module. You can simply type it into the search bar to locate it quickly and then click on the item to insert it onto the page.

Step 3: Customize the settings to fit your needs

Now all you have to do is go through the various options to customize the way it will display on your page.

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