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Troubleshooting getimagesize PHP Warning

If you are getting an error similar to the one below, please follow the steps to help fix the issue:

Example Error

getimagesize('PATH HERE'): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in ..../themes/Total/framework/classes/image-resize.php

Troubleshooting Steps

Please test the following things to try and fix this error before submitting a support request:

  1. Correct Permissions: Make sure permissions are set correctly on your uploads folder for WordPress. If you aren’t sure how you can request help from your webhost.
  2. ImageMagick Enabled: Make sure that the ImageMagick PHP extension is enabled on the server.
  3. HTTPS Site URL Check: When using https make sure that your site URL is correct at Settings > General and that it’s using https and not just http.
  4. Check Uploads URL: If you are using a plugin to customize the uploads URL make sure that it’s correct (previous to WP 3.5 these settings were built-into the admin dashboard)
  5. WPML Sunrise: If you are using WPML with multiple domains make sure that “SUNRISE” is enabled – see the guide here.
  6. Disable theme image resizing script: You can always go to Theme Panel > Image Sizes and try disable the auto resizing script built-into the theme. This will not necessarily “fix” the issue but if you can’t fix your server permissions or https setup then you can always resort to the default WP cropping functionality.
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