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Testimonials Post Type

The Total theme includes a built-in custom post type for the testimonials making it easier then ever to create a testimonials page or display testimonials anywhere on your site. Have a look below on how to add and display your testimonials.

Adding Testimonials

Testimonials are pretty much added only to be used later by the Visual Composer (or linking to the archives). So you would add these like normal posts then use the Testimonials grid or slider to display them on the site.

Testimonials Post

Displaying Testimonials

Use the WPBakery Page Builder to insert Testimonials anywhere you want. You can choose to use the Testimonials Grid, Testimonials Slider, Testimonials Carousel or the new Post Cards element to display your items.

There are 3 dedicated Testimonial elements
You can display testimonials via the new Post Cards element. Just make sure when you insert the element to go to the “Query” tab and ensure it’s set to display testimonials.

Testimonials Post Type Editor

To change the admin icon, post type name, slug and taxonomy naming use the testimonials post type editor.

Post Type Editor

Testimonials Customizer Options

In the live WordPress Customizer there are options for customizing your testimonials. Set options for breadcrumbs, archives layout, single post style, and image cropping.

WordPress Customizer

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