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Remove The “Pointer” Above Menu Dropdowns

By default the dropdowns on the Total WordPress theme have a little pointer right above them. In version 1.6.4 and greater you will find options in the Customizer for altering the pointer background and color, but what if you want to remove them completely? Well, I didn’t add an extra option to remove it because it’s just extra bloat that would slow down the customizer, so here is the CSS you can use to remove it:

#site-navigation .sub-menu:before,
#site-navigation .sub-menu:after { display:none; }


Here is an example of what it would look like on the default dropdown.


Alternative Method – Fixed Header Height

Now if you want you can give your header a fixed height so that your dropdowns are flush with the header and this will also remove the pointer. Have a look at the guide here.

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