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Total Theme v 5.11

Release Date: November 23, 2023

Note for developers: The --wpex-link-text-decoration CSS variable has been deprecated. The theme now adds a variable for each property of the text-decoration shorthand property to provide better consistency and easier modification of site links.

  • Added New Demo “Publisher“.
  • Added New “Demo Page Inspector” tool added to the docs (currently in “Beta”) which will allow you to inspect any demo page to see how it’s created and grab the content for the page or dynamic template if you want to copy/paste it into your site!
  • Added Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts Social Profile options.
  • Added New Accent, Accent Rounded and Accent Round Social Link styles added which displays the social links using your accept color as a background.
  • Added New options added to the Navigation Bar element to adjust the default animation speed for the links (hover colors and text decoration) and to enter a custom offset and line thickness when enabling underlines and using the “Plain Text” button style.
  • Added New Overlay Styles: Category Tag (First Term Only) and Category Tag 2 (First Term Only).
  • Added When viewing a post that is using a Dynamic Template you will now see an “Edit Template” button at the bottom of the post to make it easier to see if a specific post is using a template and be able to quickly go to the template’s edit screen.
  • Added New dynamic variables {{post_type_name}} and {{post_type_single_name}}.
  • Added New “After Image” Caption Position option added for the Image Slider element.
  • Added New “Headings Color: Active” option for the Toggle Group element.
  • Added New “Visibility” option added to the “Template Part” element.
  • Added New options to the Image slider: Touch Swipe on Desktop on/off, Placeholder Image on/off and Image Aspect Ratio.
  • Added New “Toggle 2” Card style which is basically the same as the old “Toggle” card style but uses a plus/minus icon instead of an arrow.
  • Added New “Mix Blend Mode” option added to the Image element (see docs).
  • Added New “Overlay Mix Blend Mode” option added for Sections, Rows and the Image Banner.
  • Added New “Content Background” and “Content Padding” options added to the Image Banner element so you can place your text inside a background (sample screenshot).
  • Added New “Modal Popup” option added to the “Social Share” element which can be enabled to display your social links in a popup window!
  • Added Customizer setting added to control the width of the mega menu divider lines between columns.
  • Added Customizer option added to the Top Bar > Social tab so you can enter custom dimensions (width/height) for the top bar social links.
  • Added Customizer option added to the Top Bar > General tab to enable/disable link underlines in the Top Bar menu & content.
  • Added “SMS” option added to the Social Share options.
  • Added The Post Terms element is now available in Elementor.
  • Updated Bundled plugins (WPBakery, Slider Revolution, Total Theme Core).
  • Updated You can now select “Custom Link” for the Header Menu search icon if you want to create a search page and link to it.
  • Updated You can now enter a custom value for the Navigation Bar link padding if you want to control both the vertical and horizontal padding and/or use a custom value.
  • Updated The Template Part and WooCommerce Template Part elements will now display the selected template in the WPBakery backend editor.
  • Updated When editing Dynamic Templates and the Post Cards element set to display Related items it will no display recent posts from the selected post type to make it easier to work in the front-end editor.
  • Updated You can now enter the word “null” in the Post Cards custom date format field to remove the date from the card.
  • Updated The Contact Form element now adds the proper Reply-To header so you can reply back to the submitted form and it the reply will go to the email added in the form by the submitter.
  • Updated When enabling “Labels” for the Social Share element while using a “Custom Design” the theme no longer hides the labels on small screens. There is a new breakpoint option added though that you can use if you do wish to hide the labels at smaller screen sizes.
  • Updated The “Blog List 7” card style has been updated so the date is at the bottom of the card regardless of the card height.
  • Updated The theme now hides the WPBakery page builder admin notices when updating the plugin.
  • Updated When creating custom cards or dynamic templates the Image Overlays that display categories will now display dummy categories in the front-end editor so it’s easier to visualize how things will look.
  • Updated Theme elements “Width” and “Max Width” fields now allow keyword values: fit-content, max-content & min-content (in fact all styling fields – width, height, padding, letter-spacing, font-size, etc…now allow any values to be added).
  • Fixed Medium (500) font weight was not working with the Navigation Bar element.
  • Fixed The bottom margin option was not working on the Button element when the style was set to “Plain Text”.
  • Fixed Changing the link underline color in the customizer was applying to various areas that could have their own colors causing issues (such as the topbar, breadcrumbs, post meta, navigation bar element, button element, etc).
  • Fixed Dynamic Templates assigned to custom taxonomies created with the Post Types Unlimited plugin and assigned to WooCoomerce products were not working.
  • Fixed Some Customizer setting labels that were using the “&” symbol were showing up as HTML.
  • Fixed The Icon Box element was not showing the custom heading in the WPBakery backend editor.
  • Fixed When editing the Callout element in WPBakery it was not showing the previously saved values.
  • Fixed When adding “0px” for a custom letter spacing field in any theme element it was not working.
  • Fixed When using a navigation bar element for an ajax filter on dynamic templates assigned to archives, enabling the “Show Term Count” setting caused the filter to stop working.
  • Fixed When using the Toggle element paragraphs were not being added in the WPBakery Front-end Editor and oEmbeds were not being parsed.
  • Fixed When displaying the Post Cards element inside a custom card and setting the “Query Type” to “Post Gallery” it wasn’t working.
  • Fixed When adding Custom CSS and JS via WPBakery to your Dynamic Templates the code wasn’t being added to the frontend.
  • Fixed The Custom overlay background color for the Image Slider element was not being added when displaying the placeholder image as the page loaded.
  • Fixed Issue where WordPress parses images and adds lazy loading to them after shortcodes are parsed which causes images that should not be lazy loaded to be lazy loaded. This change also optimizes the displays of images displayed using shortcodes (theme elements) because WordPress will not be running a bunch of code for each image.
  • Fixed Disabling the Yoast Seo theme option “Override Theme Breadcrumbs” in the Customizer would cause the “Main Pages” defined in the Post Types Unlimited plugin for your custom post types to not get added in the Yoast Schema Markup for breadcrumbs.
  • Removed The theme no longer inserts structured data attributes inline in the HTML because it can cause conflicts with or duplicate tags when using 3rd party SEO plugins and every site should be using an SEO plugin.


  • Added - New "totaltheme/theme_builder/location_template_id" hook allows you to modify any location template ID from a singular filter.
  • Added - New CSS utility classes added for the mix-blend-mode property.
  • Updated - If Theme Mode is enabled for WPBakery the theme will hide the "AI" button that was introduced in WPBakery 7.2 next to text fields as the function is only for verified plugin buyers.
  • Updated - The theme now uses the text-decoration-line property instead of the text-decoration property when applying underline styles in various places to prevent issues with overriding other decoration properties (thickness, style, color)
  • Updated - New function "totaltheme_remove_empty_p_tags" will now run on the "wpex_the_content" hook to prevent issues where there could be empty p tags inserted into a dynamic template creating unwanted space.
  • Updated - Optimized the code that runs when checking the current theme location (dynamic templates).
  • Updated - The Image Banner has been updated to use utility classes for the inner padding to slim down CSS.
  • Updated - Optimized the Image Banner CSS used for the overlay hover to use modern selectors to greatly slim down the CSS.
  • Updated - The function used to output inline CSS for theme Elements has been updated to prevent extra checks to validate values (it will know assume the entered value is valid). This change was done to speed up page rendering but also to ensure as CSS updates you can use new values for various fields without requiring theme updates.
  • Removed - Deprecated older "wpex_get_mod" function that is no longer used.
  • Removed - Extra checks in the core theme javascript that checked for passive event listeners support which is no longer needed (was used for IE11).

New Hooks

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