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Open A Wistia Video In Lightbox

The Total theme includes the popular Fancybox script which is a very popular and extensive lightbox solution which supports iFrames, which means you to easily open any Wistia video using lightbox. To do so simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Locate Your Wistia Video iFrame src

This is very simple to do, have a look at the screenshots below:



The URL should have the following format:{video_id}

Where {video_id} is your Video ID.

Step 3: Add Link to a Total WPBakery Element.

  1. Insert a new Total Element such as the Theme Button.
  2. Browse to the Link Tab.
  3. Select “Open Custom Lightbox” from the “On click action”.
  4. Enter your embed URL into the URL field.

Step 3: Modify The Lightbox Settings

Now make sure you have selected “iFrame” for the Lightbox Type and you can enter custom dimensions if wanted as well.

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