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Snippet: Define Your Font Family Stack (fallback font)

Important: Rather then using custom code it's recommended to use the Font Manager to define your fonts and font stacks.

Whenever you set a font via the customizer or theme elements it will give the element a font-family value equal to the selected font without any fallback value (some popular fonts like Open Sans do have a default fallback font stack). You can use the "wpex_get_font_family_stack" filter to define your custom font stack for any font used on the site.

 * Define font family stacks.
 * @link
add_filter( 'wpex_get_font_family_stack', function( $font_family, $stack ) {
	if ( 'your-font' == $font_family ) {
		$stack = 'sans-serif';
	return $stack;
}, 10, 2 );
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