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Poedit Sources Keywords List

When translating any WordPress theme you need to make sure to include all keywords that may be used in the theme in your translation editor (such as Poedit). There are many keywords that may be used in themes and it’s best to include them all (not just the ones currently being used) in case of future updates. Below is a list of the keywords you’ll want to include. To edit these when using Poedit go to Catalog > Properties > Sources Keywords.

  • __
  • _e
  • _n
  • _x
  • _ex
  • _nx
  • esc_attr__
  • esc_attr_e
  • esc_attr_x
  • esc_html__
  • esc_html_e
  • esc_html_x
  • _n_noop
  • _nx_noop
  • translate_nooped_plural()

Here is the complete list separated by comas if you are updating via a text editor.

__, _e, _n, _x, _ex, _nx, esc_attr__, esc_attr_e, esc_attr_x, esc_html__, esc_html_e, esc_html_x, _n_noop, _nx_noop, translate_nooped_plural


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