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Elementor Integration

The Total theme has been coded to provide support for the popular Elementor plugin. It works with both the free and premium version.

Demos Notice: Currently all of the pre-made theme demos are WPBakery based (since we much prefer WPBakery over Elementor) but you can always create your own site from scratch using Total and Elementor or using a 3rd party template (Elementor Pro has tons of templates as well as you can find free 3rd party template plugins).

Below you will find some of the features included in the theme to support Elementor:

Custom Theme Elements

The Total theme adds many custom elements for use with Elementor that are exclusive to the theme:

Theme Builder Support

Total fully supports the Elementor “Theme Builder” offered by the pro version of the plugin. This will allow you to create custom templates and assign them to different parts of your site.

If you are using the free Elementor plugin though you can still create templates and assign them to parts of your site via the Customizer without the Theme Builder.

Theme Icons Library

The theme icons are all available from within Elementor which can be used in various elements.

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