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Total Theme v 5.5.2

Release Date: September 26, 2022
  • Added New Demo (Mcgill).
  • Added “Flex Items / Horizontal Scroll” option now available for the display type Post Cards element setting.
  • Added “Preload” option added to the Font Manager when registering custom fonts for each font variation (learn more about preloading fonts from Google).
  • Added “Simple Show/Hide” Filter Mode option now available for the Navigation Bar element as an alternative to the default Isotope style filter (supports the Modern CSS grid and sequential CSS animations).
  • Added FetchPriority option to the Total Image element.
  • Added You can now use “{{post_title}}” within your theme button text to display the post tile (for use primarily with custom cards).
  • Added New customizer option added to control the Toggle Bar bottom border width when set to the Inline style.
  • Added New customizer options added to enable/disable the Mobile menu “Dropdown” style top/bottom borders.
  • Added You can now display a Custom Field value when using the Post Meta element.
  • Added You can now enter a custom top margin for the Post Cards pagination.
  • Updated The header logo image now has a “fetchpriority” attribute of “high” which can help render the logo quicker and increase page speed scores. Note: This modern attribute is currently only supported by certain browsers like Chrome and Edge. (learn more).
  • Updated The Post Cards featured image alt attribute will revert to the post title if the image doesn’t have an alt to prevent accessibility issues.
  • Updated You can now define your “Frontend Editor Width” when creating custom cards with Elementor.
  • Updated Optimized the CSS loading of the WPBakery tabs and accordions so it loads in the wp_head instead of wp_footer to prevent FOUC and prevent potential CLS issues.
  • Updated When adding Custom Fonts via the Font Manager you can now choose from standard web-ready fonts in the Customizer and theme elements (such as System UI, Georgia, Verdana…etc), previously you could only choose from your custom fonts.
  • Fixed It wasn’t possible to edit posts using a dynamic template via the frontend editor.
  • Fixed PHP error when using the Page Animations along with the Elementor plugin.
  • Fixed Sticky Header not working with the Header builder.
  • Fixed There was an issue with the Icon Box element where if there was an image set but the image didn’t exist it would still try and display it.
  • Fixed You couldn’t set your font weight and text transform for the Text block element.
  • Fixed The theme visibility setting wasn’t rendering for core WPBakery elements.
  • Fixed Issues with custom element settings not working when added via the WPBakery vc_add_param function.
  • Fixed The Sticky navigation bar was not respecting your custom mobile menu breakpoint.
  • Fixed Space missing between the post meta label and value in the Post Meta element.
  • Fixed Local scroll offset was not working correctly when using a sticky header menu with the new option to enable sticky header on mobile.
  • Fixed The Toggle Bar was not showing when using the “Remember State” option and the “total_togglebar_state” cookie wasn’t yet set on the page.
  • Fixed There was an “undefined index” debug error when using the Testimonials Slider element in 5.5.1.


  • Added - Scroll Snap & Scroll Align CSS utility classes.
  • Updated - The "vcex-navbar_filter-links.min.js" script has been renamed to "vcex-navbar-filter-isotope.min.js"
  • Updated - The javascript used for the sequential CSS animation has been updated to work with the new Navigation Bar show/hide filter mode.
  • Updated - The javascript used for the "x" button in the post edit links is now loaded conditionally via it's own JS file "wpex-hide-edit-links" since it's not needed while logged out.
  • Updated - The javascript used for the "Toggle Bar" is now loaded conditionally via it's own JS file "wpex-toggle-bar"
  • Updated - The javascript used to re-trigger masonry grids and sliders when clicking on WPBakery tabs is now loaded conditionally via it's own JS file "wpex-vc_accordion-events"
  • Updated - The javascript used for the Advanced Parallax option for WPBakery rows is now loaded conditionally via it's own JS file "wpex-parallax-backgrounds"
  • Updated - The WPEX_Meta_Factory class now allows for a new parameter "desc_tip" which can be used to show a help icon for toggling the custom field description rather then displaying it always.
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