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Total Theme v 5.4.1

Release Date: May 9, 2022

This update includes an important security patch so if you have any custom functions in your child theme or Code Snippets plugin that were being used as callback functions in theme elements these must be whitelisted. Learn more here.

  • Added New Blockquote Styling options added in the Customizer under the Global Styles tab and Blockquote Typography tab. You can now enable a blockquote border width to switch to a more modern design (screencast).
  • Updated Callback function names used in theme elements must now be whitelisted.
  • Updated Theme Panel menu item icon now displays Total icon instead of generic cogs.
  • Updated The Header “Logo text” customizer option now allows shortcodes.
  • Updated Events Calendar template to fix issues with duplicate div ID’s being added due to recent plugin changes.
  • Updated When using the Custom title field in the Theme Settings metabox the theme will now add the “Protected: and Private:” prefixes to the title when the page is set to protected or private to be consistent with WordPress.
  • Updated The Contact form default submit button now says “Submit” instead of “Contact”.
  • Fixed Header One menu position incorrect when using 0px for the menu item horizontal padding.
  • Fixed The Menu button active state was not using the customizer button hover background color.
  • Fixed Logo was showing too large when using one of the new Flex header styles, the WPBakery front-end editor and the animated shrink sticky header style.
  • Fixed Customizer “Scroll To Button” typo. Should be “Scroll Top Button”.
  • Fixed Centered hamburger menu icon not being centered.
  • Fixed Potential Debug notice when using the text block or heading Auto responsive font size (now named Min-Max font size) and also having previously set a responsive default font size.
  • Fixed Text wasn’t vertically aligned properly in WPBakery select fields when using Firefox.
  • Fixed  The load more button was not working if jQuery was loaded after the imagesLoaded script.
  • Fixed Undefined “min_font_size” debug notice displaying when the older text block “Responsive Text” setting was enabled but there was never a “Min Font Size” added.
  • Fixed Not being able to set your custom text for the blog post page header title.


  • Added - "wpex_recent_posts_icons_query_args" filter.
  • Added - "vcex_validate_user_func" function.
  • Updated - The WPEX_Card "get_terms_list" method now allows you to disable links via 'link' => false
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