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Total Theme v 5.15

Release Date: May 20, 2024
  • Added Customizer setting to disable the WPBakery Tabs Animation.
  • Updated The Total Theme Core & Slider Revolution Plugins.
  • Updated Demo Importer Enhancements: 10x faster imports,  ability to delete previously imported data, fixes broken WPBakery background images after import and better error handling during import with the ability to “finish” the import if there is an error.
  • Updated New “Aspect Ratio” settings in the theme Image Sizes panel allows for setting aspect ratios for your images which will use CSS so that you do not have to crop any images and keep your server space.
  • Updated The theme will automatically remove author links on the frontend when author archives are disabled via the Yoast SEO plugin.
  • Updated You can now use the “x-twitter” icon in the [ticon] shortcode.
  • Fixed Accessibility issues with the carousel element.
  • Fixed The 3 /4 Image Aspect Ratio was not working.
  • Fixed Active Filter item not working on page load with the Navigation Bar element simple show/hide filter type.
  • Fixed Issue where updating a bundled plugin would also enable the plugin even if wasn’t previously active.
  • Fixed Compatibility issue with the WebToffee WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin when using a dynamic template for WooCommerce products.
  • Fixed Outdated Template notice in WooCommerce.
  • Removed Old Integration for the One Click Demo Importer plugin – the updated theme Demo Importer uses new API endpoints to get the data which aren’t compatible with OCDIP plugin plus the updated theme demo importer is much better now.


  • Added - New "vcex_post_term_classes_taxonomies" filter which can be used to define what taxonomies are added as classnames to element entries (used in the Post Cards, Grid and Carousel elements). If you have a taxonomy with many terms removing it from this array can speed up page rendering.
  • Updated - The Custom CSS panel used to save a backup in the "wpex_custom_css" option but it has been removed to slim things down and prevent extra options from running on page load. You should already have server backups anyway. The value stored in this option will be removed from the database on update to clean things up.
  • Updated - The theme_mods name for the WooCommerce image sizes (width,height and crop) have been updated for consistency. These will be automatically migrated on update.

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