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Total Theme v 5.0.6

Release Date: November 6, 2020
  • Added “Justified Gallery” option to the Image Grid (screenshot).
  • Added Code to automatically exclude CSS files from the W3 Total Cache minify function to prevent issues (more info).
  • Added Customizer tab under General Theme Options > Image Overlays so you can alter some of the default options (screenshot).
  • Added Ability to display post featured images for the image swap module.
  • Added Line-height option to the pricing table “Features” tab.
  • Added Filter “wpex_togglebar_state” so you can conditionally modify the state (accepts visible/open or hidden/closed).
  • Added Filter “wpex_togglebar_visibility” to conditionally alter the toggle bar visibility class.
  • Added Filter “wpex_self_hosted_video_bg_attributes” so you can modify the Total WPBakery section/row self hosted video background video tag attributes via custom code if wanted.
  • Updated Total Theme Core plugin to version 1.2.5.
  • Updated Method in which the theme retrieves the cpt-single.php file to prevent issues with custom post types named “video” or “gallery”.
  • Updated Feature Box module to support self-hosted video URL’s for the video field.
  • Updated Breadcrumbs to prevent non-publicly_queryable taxonomy terms from displaying in the crumbs.
  • Updated “wpex_get_shape_dividers_svg” filter to pass the $svg_styles_html and $path_attrs_html variables to make it easier to add custom divider types.
  • Updated Testimonial 2 card to use semibold font weight for the heading instead of bold for consistency.
  • Updated Post Types Unlimited Single Post “Title” setting so you can enter “{{title}}” to display the current title but it will also allow you to enter extra text (screenshot).
  • Updated Optimized javascript for the Total heading and image WPBakery backend preview.
  • Updated wpml-config.xml to include the Section and Row video background fields so they can be translated.
  • Fixed Issue where WordPress may still think there is an update available for the theme after updating (because of how WP works this fix can’t take affect until the next update so you may experience the bug still on this update).
  • Fixed Responsiveness for WooCommerce Products when entering a custom width for the media/content in the Customizer.
  • Fixed Responsive issues with Post Cards module when setting a custom Entry > Media Width value and issue where the custom width was added to certain cards where it shouldn’t have been added.
  • Fixed Load more issues with the Post Types Archive module when not using a custom card design or grid style entries.
  • Fixed RTL issues with Total wpbakery modules such as the bullets, breadcrumbs and filter buttons (new vcex-shortcodes-rtl.css file will be loaded instead of vcex-shortcodes.css)
  • Fixed Breadcrumbs display issues when using Yoast SEO and not using the default breadcrumbs position.
  • Fixed Breadcrumbs WPBakery module showing Yoast breadcrumbs instead of the theme’s function even if disabled in the Customizer.
  • Fixed Extra margin added to first item (home) of the WPBakery breadcrumbs module.
  • Fixed Aria labels not being added to the Gallery slider thumbnails.
  • Fixed Potential “Trying to access array offset on value of type bool” debug notice in class-resize-image.php when retina image calculation fails.
  • Fixed Issue with the Heading module displaying fallback text when set to a custom field and the custom field is empty.
No dev notes for this update.
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