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Total Theme v 5.0.4

Release Date: October 9, 2020
  • Added Functionality so when there is a Total Theme Core plugin update after updating updating the theme it can display in the WP update notification page so you don’t forget to update it (screenshot).
  • Added Staff 6 Card style (screenshot).
  • Added Icon Box 5 card style which has a link around the entire card (screenshot).
  • Added Icon Box 6 card style (screenshot).
  • Added Simple 6 card style (screenshot).
  • Added Link preload to the head tag for the theme icons woff2 file (ticons-webfont.woff2) to speed things up in modern browsers.
  • Added Option when using the Post Types Unlimited plugin to enable Post Series for your custom post type.
  • Added Icon Box builder module setting for “Icon Shadow” (screenshot).
  • Added Alignment option to the Bullets module.
  • Added “wpex_targeted_link_rel” filter to theme functions that add “noopener noreferrer” for easier filtering (sample snippet).
  • Added Filter “vcex_image_loop_has_wpml_fix” which is disabled by default but can be enabled via a child theme (set filter to true) which fixes WPML issues with the Image Grid and Image Carousel modules when using custom links and your site had switched it’s default primarily language at some point.
  • Added Theme utility classes for giving specific border sides a custom color so for example if you want to give an element a gray 1px border you would use ‘wpex-border wpex-border-solid wpex-border-gray-300’ now if you want the top border to have a 4px width and use the accent color you can now also add ‘wpex-border-t-4 wpex-border-t-accent’.
  • Updated Total Theme Core to version 1.2.3
  • Updated Card meta box icon selector so it’s easier to view the selected icon and you can enter a custom classname if wanted (video preview).
  • Updated Theme Card API so certain items will check common meta fields first (number, price, rating). For example if you are using the Numbered List 3 card style and want to display a custom number instead of a running number for each card you can define a custom field for your card named “number” with the value you want to display.
  • Updated CSS for the “flip-drops-smallscreen” class to target WP classes instead of superfish and prevent issues when selecting different dropdown arrow styles in the Customizer (added in 5.0).
  • Updated Total Theme Core Term_Meta class to allow for upcoming Term/Category accent colors functionality.
  • Fixed Top bar placement when only using a custom menu for the top bar content and you have social enabled.
  • Fixed Possible PHP debug notice coming from post-thumbnails.php when disabling the theme’s Dynamic Image Resizing
  • Fixed Issue with WPBakery Post Grid not displaying when set to “Pagination” style.
  • Fixed Typography settings not applied to the editor when using the front-end builder when Editor Styles is enabled in the main Theme Panel.
  • Fixed Potential debug error notice with undefined $excerpt_style in various builder modules (caused if the first item in the grid doesn’t have any content and the excerpt is enabled).
  • Fixed Social sharing heading font-size when disabling the labels on the social icons.
  • Fixed Issue with Image Banner when adding a custom width for the inner content it wasn’t aligning correctly.
  • Fixed Potential layout issues caused by the Bullets module when using a custom icon and the editor to align the bullets.
  • Fixed Footer bottom customizer padding being added to inner instead of outer div.
  • Fixed Issue when using older “color-button” in the footer widgets showing gray text instead of white.
  • Fixed Term option to select custom card style not working for custom post type terms.
  • Fixed WooCommerce checkout payment options label not displaying correctly next to the radio button.
  • Fixed TotalTheme\WPEX_Breadcrumbs not found error when using the CPTUI plugin.
No dev notes for this update.
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