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Total Theme v 4.9.9

Release Date: March 9, 2020
  • Added “Theme Icons” as the default icon option for the Total builder modules (loads faster than fontawesome and requires less scripts to load on frontend)
  • Added Responsive column settings in the Customizer (gif preview). For WooCommerce the responsive column settings will also apply to any WooCommerce shortcode added to a page if the columns in the shortcode match the defined default/desktop columns for the main shop/archives
  • Added New “Column Side Border”  module which can be used to add borders between WPBakery columns that becomes hidden on mobile (simply place the module at the bottom of any column and it will display to the right side on desktop – this is intended for situations where you want for example 3 columns and a right border between the first and second and the second and third columns but you don’t need this border on mobile
  • Added Option to the Image Slider Total module to display a “Counter Pagination” (screenshot)
  • Added Option for the “Post Types Unlimited” plugin to select your custom page header style for your post types (can be used to disable it as well)
  • Added Option to the Image Slider module to display videos in lightbox (under Links tab) – if enabled instead of showing the video in the slider it will display the image associated with that video and then show the video in lightbox when clicking the image
  • Added Option to Image Slider, Image Carousel and Image Grid modules to enter a custom “Link Meta Key” if you want to add custom links to images and control them via a custom field (such as when using the ACF plugin)
  • Added Option to Recent News Module to display categories
  • Added Option to the Milestone module to enter a custom Decimal Separator
  • Added New filter “wpex_page_header_styles” which could be used to introduce custom page header styles via child theme code or remove any default theme styles from the available choices
  • Added New filter “wpex_get_mobile_menu_toggle_icon” which can be used to override the Total mobile menu icon HTML completely (if you do this be sure to use the “mobile-menu-toggle” classname to trigger the theme mobile menu)
  • Added Customizer setting for the Events Calendar so you can enable/disable the custom theme styles
  • Added Placeholder for the “Post Content” module when adding it via the front-end editor which also fixes a PHP warning
  • Added Style option to the “Post Terms” module and you can select from “Buttons, Inline List, UL List and OL List” – when selecting Inline List you can now add a “Before Text” so you can create something like this.
  • Updated Total WPBakery modules that use the “Custom Query” setting so you can now enter a callback function name so you can write a custom function in your child theme that returns an array of parameters you want to pass to the module (screenshot)
  • Updated Optimized the “Load More” function used in various Total modules. It now uses json to pass on data, better sanitization, fixes issue with load more not working on the Image Grid module when displaying the post gallery and uses different method of parsing data to really speed things up. Note the loadmore javascript function has been renamed from vcexLoadMore to window.vcexLoadMore for consistency so if you are manually re-triggering the javascript via child theme code be sure to update your custom code accordingly
  • Updated Total “Image” module to display a preview of the selected image in the backend editor
  • Updated Total WPBakery modules so they each “extend” the WPBakeryShortCode class thus providing better support for 3rd party addons
  • Updated Total Slider CSS to allow user text highlighting
  • Updated Post Series Archives to display order in “ASC” order so the first post in the series displays first
  • Updated Post Types Grid module so when you enable the Categories option if you don’t enter a taxonomy name it will fallback to the standard category
  • Updated Page Title output to support shortcodes
  • Updated Moved WooCommerce Header Menu Cart options into their own sub tab in the customizer
  • Updated WooCommerce price for entries to match accent color and slimmed down the custom CSS needed to alter the price color when using the Global Price Color customizer option
  • Updated Styling for the Events Calendar as needed to support their latest version which has an updated design (if you haven’t updated to The Events Calendar version 5.0.0+ yet then the theme will load the old styles for you)
  • Updated Text Alignment classes CSS to target the body tag and removed !important declaration to fix an issue where if you used the responsive alignment class in a Total page builder module it wouldn’t override the defined default alignment
  • Updated Optimized display of self hosted videos when used instead of the featured image to greatly speed things up
  • Updated WordPress Importer fallback files in the Total Theme Core plugin to version 0.7
  • Fixed FontAwesome icons loading extremely slow in the WPBakery editor when choosing an icon
  • Fixed Issue with centered menu items option not working due to recent bootstrap fixes
  • Fixed Issue with blog load more pagination when using custom posts_per_page values for categories/tags causing duplicate entries to display when loading new items
  • Fixed Load More button issues with the Recent News module
  • Fixed Issue where installing a plugin via the demo importer may install an older version
  • Fixed Issue with WooCommerce “gap” option not refreshing the page in the Customizer when making changes
  • Fixed Missing Cross-sells count/columns settings caused by last update
  • Removed H2 tag being added by WooCommerce to the header cart dropdown and overlay
No dev notes for this update.
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