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Release Date: March 24, 2020
  • Added “Inner Border” option to the Image Banner module (screenshot)
  • Added Border Radius option to the Image Banner module
  • Added Lightbox Gallery on/off switch for the Image Carousel module
  • Added Theme function “wpex_get_query_vars” which can be used in the Advanced Query setting for any Total module in order to display items based on the current query such as overriding an archive like a category with the Post Types Grid module
  • Added“Child of” option to the Post Terms module so you can select a parent term to get items from
  • Added “Custom Query Callback” option to the Posts With Thumbnails widget so you to define a function in your child theme that returns an array of all the arguments you want to pass to the WP_Query class for the widget and enter the function name into this new field
  • Added New filter “wpex_inline_list_sep” which is used for the separator in various parts of the theme, such as the comma used to separate categories in the post meta and breadcrumbs (sample snippet).
  • Added Check to remove the woocommerce-blocks.css from your site if you have the Classic Editor plugin active or you have disabled Gutenberg via the WPBakery plugin
  • Added New shortcode “select_menu” so you can insert a select dropdown anywhere on your site based on a specific WordPress menu (usage)
  • Updated Breadcrumbs displays only the first (or primary if using Yoast SEO) category only instead of all the categories by default due to a large number of requests for this (you can still alter this setting in the Customizer)
  • Updated Method the theme uses to add custom classes to WooCommerce loops to prevent conflicts with 3rd party plugins not properly setting the is_shortcode parameter true in their custom loops
  • Fixed Issue where Icon Box and Feature Box module titles were not getting the correct heading styles applied when set to use a “div” tag (default setting)
  • Fixed Issue where inserting an Icon Box or Feature Box it would set the icon box heading HTML tag to “div” by default instead of selecting the “default” setting (which is actually an h2 that can be filtered via some code)
  • Fixed Accent color not being added to the WooCommerce product entries price
No dev notes for this update.
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