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Total Theme v 4.9.8

Release Date: February 3, 2020
  • Added New action hooks “wpex_mobile_menu_top” and “wpex_mobile_menu_bottom” which can be used to insert extra content to your mobile menu via a child theme
  • Added Integration for The Toolset Types plugin to display theme options when creating your custom post types (screenshot) – and the Total “Settings” metabox will now display as well in the backend editor for all “public” toolset types
  • Added Customizer settings for WooCommerce social sharing buttons so you can make it look different from the global settings. Also includes a new “location” setting so you can choose between the default location or place the social share buttons under the add to cart button in the right column (screenshot)
  • Added Social Links option to the single staff settings (screenshot)
  • Added Customizer settings under Staff > Social Links to change the default link target, font size and to disable icons (if icons are disabled it displays labels instead)
  • Added Customizer setting under General Theme Options > Post Series so you can define the post types you want the post series taxonomy to be a part of
  • Added Customizer setting under General Theme Options > Pages so you can disable the main page header title for all standard pages
  • Added Default CSS for the i and em tags
  • Added Filters to the Categories grid and carousel modules so you can alter the query arguments via a child theme if needed
  • Added Setting to the multi-button module to enable the download attribute
  • Added Background Image and background style options for Footer widgets in the Customizer
  • Added Background image, background image style and border width options for the callout in the Customizer
  • Added Post Link target option to the Post Types Slider module
  • Added “wpex_footer_class” filter
  • Updated Various Customizer panels to include subheadings for easier browsing
  • Updated Customizer > General Theme Options > Social Sharing tab name to “Social Share Buttons”
  • Updated Customizer setting at Header > Menu > Disable Menu Inner Borders so it can be used for the vertical header style (previously used only for header style two)
  • Updated Customizer Callout settings to move the design/color options into the General sub tab instead of the content/text tab
  • Updated “Settings” metabox to read “Theme Settings” to prevent possible confusion with 3rd party plugins
  • Updated Overlay Mobile Menu HTML to better support custom content added via the new action hooks (please check any customizations made to this mobile menu style)
  • Updated Search Results so if you pass on a custom post type parameter in the URL such as ?post_type=staff&s=search_term the search results page will display the entries using the format defined for that post type rather then the default left-thumbnail style (option added in the Customizer to disable this feature if not wanted)
  • Updated Moved “Related Posts” customizer settings for portfolio, staff and blog under their own sub tab to keep things cleaner and make it easier to add more related post settings in the future (the settings will now display always even if the related posts block is disabled under the Post Layout Settings” so that they can be accessed if using a dynamic template for your blog posts)
  • Updated WooCommerce social share button options now located in their own tab under Customize > WooCommerce (Total) > Social Buttons
  • Updated Next/Previous arrows for Total carousel modules to include screen reader text
  • Updated Optimized some header/menu CSS which also fixes some conflicts causing certain menu color options to not work correctly with the vertical header style
  • Updated The strong tag CSS to use “bold” instead of “600” for the default value
  • Updated Total spacing module to allow vh values and removed unneeded CSS reset
  • Updated Demo importer to stop the process completely in the event the server returns an internal error and display a message and added a close button to the end screen
  • Updated Various parts of the theme that returns an image URL such as the site logo, header/footer/page title backgrounds, custom login logo and background…etc to pass the image URL through the WP core set_url_scheme function
  • Fixed Some potential conflicts with Bootstrap.css (note: plugins that load the entire bootstap CSS – especially when loaded globally – are usually poor coded plugins and not recommended)
  • Fixed Total Bullets module “style” option not working as expected
  • Fixed Issue where WBakery shortcodes wouldn’t render in Total grids using load more
  • Fixed Issue with Post Gallery lightbox setting in the Post Types Grid
  • Fixed Issue with ul/ol type attributes not working correctly
  • Fixed Issue with the “Blog – Content Above” Template displaying the pages sidebar rather then the Blog sidebar
  • Fixed Potential issue with missing icon fonts when updating from very old versions of the theme and WPBakery
No dev notes for this update.
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