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Total Theme v 4.9.6

Release Date: November 25, 2019
  • RTL: If you are currently using a child theme and running an RTL site you need to make sure you are loading the style-rtl.css file via your child theme rather then the style.css file. Now, if you used the sample total child theme you shouldn't have to worry as long as you load the Total style.css file using the 'parent-style' handle Total will automatically replace the file. Otherwise you can simple edit your child theme's functions.php file to replace style.css with style-rtl.css.
  • Total Theme Core Plugin: If this is the first time upgrading to a Total 4.9+ version please read the important notice on the main 4.9 update. It's crucial that you read about the new Total Theme Core plugin.
  • Added Admin notice to remind you to activate your theme license to receive updates
  • Added “Internal Link” option to the Total Button “Onclick” setting so you can quickly search and link to any page on the site
  • Added Option to center the self-hosted row video backgrounds
  • Added Option to the “Post Comments” module to display the comments heading (hidden by default)
  • Added Customizer option under General Theme Options > Breadcrumbs to allow you to disable/enable the breadcrumbs when using the page header style with a background (previously disabled all the time)
  • Added aria-hidden tag to the self hosted WPBakery video background row option
  • Added aria-expanded tag to the mobile menu toggle icon
  • Updated add_theme_support HTML tag to support the new “script” argument in WordPress 5.3 which removes the “type=”text/javascript”” from js script loaded on the page
  • Updated Optimized RTL CSS so that theme will no longer load an extra wpex-rtl.css file for RTL sites. The theme now includes a style.css and style-rtl.css and WordPress will load the one needed. The same thing has been done for wpex-woocommerce.css, wpex-bbpress.css and wpex-visual-composer.css (also fixed some small RTL issues)
  • Updated Total admin panel CSS to match WordPress 5.3 new input styles (various buttons, inputs used in the Theme Panel sections)
  • Updated Mobile Menu sub-item toggles for better usability and accessibility. Sub-items will now open only when clicking on the “arrow” (if you want items to open when clicking the whole item this is possible with a little CSS which can be provided or by using the nav-no-click class on any menu item). This means there will no longer be any “duplicate” parent menu items displayed in subitems.
  • Updated Mobile Menus for better focus states when opening via the keyboard and added ability to close mobile menus when hitting the esc button
  • Updated WooCommerce Product “Image Swap” function so it will use the “Secondary Thumbnail” page setting for the hover affect if there is an image selected otherwise it will work as usual (displaying the first image used for the Gallery)
  • Updated Total load more button used in various Total modules such as the blog grid to prevent possible conflicts with incorrectly coded 3rd party plugins and added an extra layer of security
  • Updated Various Total custom WPBakery parameters for better access-ability (like the on/off switches)
  • Updated The wpml-config.xml file to make sure the Total Image module settings are defined
  • Updated The older localscroll- method of linking to sections on your site when the page loads so it will only scroll to the section if it has a data-ls_id attribute to prevent any possible exploits
  • Updated Modern Menu Widget to use an “down arrow” for parent menu items instead of the left/right arrow which makes more sense and will better match the updated mobile menus
  • Updated Total custom customizer fields to match new WordPress 5.3 input styles
  • Fixed Issues with Elementor Theme Builder preventing the Header/Footer from working if either were disabled in the Customizer
  • Fixed Issues with the Header Builder causing the sticky header to not function past the mobile menu breakpoint
  • Fixed Issue where the WooCommerce shop page may insert stray p tags when using page builder elements instead of the default shop output – with this update comes a new ‘wpex_the_content’ filter which you can use in your child theme functions to sanitize any content coming from WordPress which will parse the content similar to ‘the_content’ but preventing any conflicts with 3rd party plugins
  • Fixed No results found search page layout issue
  • Fixed Issue with the Total button when set to opening an image it wasn’t loading in lightbox
  • Fixed Loading gif not showing when opening up the page builder
  • Fixed Extra 10px spacing at the end of the social icons in the top bar
  • Removed Default gradient background on WPBakery “custom” buttons
No dev notes for this update.
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