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Total Theme v 4.9.4

Release Date: September 23, 2019

Total Theme Core Plugin: If this is the first time upgrading to a Total 4.9+ version please read the important notice on the main 4.9 update. It's crucial that you read about the new Total Theme Core plugin.

  • Added Theme Panel setting to enable/disable the theme meta=generator tag with the current theme version in the site head tag
  • Added Notice to the instagram widget explaining changes on instagram that could prevent the widget from working and upcoming changes to instagram that will prevent access to displaying your instagram feed on a 3rd party site
  • Added Customizer setting under Header > Logo so you can enter a mobile “offset” which would be used if your logo is fairly large and it’s overlapping any content on the side (mobile toggle or mobile menu icons).
  • Added Visibility options for the row top/bottom shape dividers
  • Added Option to the Navbar module when the filter is enabled so that you can enter the ID for the default active term
  • Added New filter “vcex_post_type_grid_get_categories” to the Post Types Grid module to override the categories list output
  • Added Customizer option under WooCommerce (Total) > Styling to alter the background of the black hover add to cart button on WooCommerce product entries
  • Added New filter “wpex_get_header_styles_with_sticky_support” so if you are creating a custom header via a child theme which overrides the default header, you can still enable the sticky header settings in the Customizer and javascript
  • Added New filter “wpex_get_header_styles_with_aside_support” so if you are creating a custom header or want to make use of the header aside content on any header you can alter the array of supported header styles via your child theme
  • Added The aria-hidden tag to header menu dropdown arrows
  • Added New classname “main-navigation-ul” to the main menu for use with the new style header for developers since the dropdown-menu class is removed in this header style to prevent theme styles from being added to the dropdowns
  • Added Ability to use some keywords as “values” when building an “Advanced Query” using a Total theme module such as the Post Types Grid – these keywords are current_post, current_term, current_author and current_user  (so for example if you wanted to get all posts from the current user you could use &post_author=current_user in your query)
  • Added New “Dev” header style. This function inserts the logo, menu, mobile menu and header aside content into the header area but without any styling if you wanted to style the header from scratch via your child theme
  • Added Option to the Total “Image” option so you can enable local scroll for the link
  • Updated Total Image Slider modules for better accessibility (tab support for arrows, bullets, thumbnails)
  • Updated Theme actions currently hooked to wp_footer moved to wpex_outer_wrap_after to prevent possible conflicts with 3rd party landing page plugins
  • Updated Select font size to 16 on mobile to prevent zoom on mobile devices when clicking select boxes
  • Updated WooCommerce checkout to scroll to the top when there are warnings displayed on the checkout after clicking the submit button
  • Updated Theme breadcrumbs to comply with newer structured data testing rules
  • Fixed Issue with some Customizer settings showing when they shouldn’t (such as the header aside settings showing up when header one is selected)
  • Fixed Issue with lightbox titles displaying a scrollbar
  • Fixed Small horizontal “jump” when opening lightbox items
  • Fixed Gallery lightbox not working with the “single image” module
  • Fixed Issue with WordPress toolbar going over the sticky header
  • Fixed Debug error when activating the Events Calendar Community Addon Plugin on single events
  • Fixed Design issues with the “Your cart is currently empty.” notice on the WooCommerce cart from the previous update
  • Fixed Issue with the max-width option in WPBakery rows when added inside a Section module set to stretch
  • Fixed Image Slider layout issue when disabling the “Thumbnail Carousel” setting
  • Fixed Issue with Top Bar Social Alternative content element being added to the page if the Customizer setting had empty space saved
  • Removed 75% max-width added to site logo when entering a custom mobile menu breakpoint to keep consistency with default logo design
No dev notes for this update.
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