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Total Theme v 4.9.3

Release Date: July 29, 2019
  • Total Theme Core Plugin: If this is the first time upgrading to a Total 4.9+ version please read the important notice on the main 4.9 update. It's crucial that you read about the new Total Theme Core plugin.
  • Lightbox: The theme's iLightbox script (which has been deprecated by the original author) has been replaced with a new and better script named FancyBox. If you have used the old script for custom popups and need some help tweaking your code or would like a little plugin to load the old lightbox scripts on your site let us know.
  • Added Shape Divider options for the WPBakery Rows & Sections (top and bottom shape options) – video sample
  • Added Typography option in the Customizer for the Total Heading Module which is generally used a lot when creating pages with the page builder so you can easily change all headings design from here
  • Added New filter “wpex_get_lightbox_settings” that can be used to change the default theme lightbox options via a child theme outside the scope of the available options already under Appearance > Customize > General Theme Settings > Lightbox
  • Added New “” shortcode which can be used to enqueue the lightbox css and js scripts if needed anywhere on the site (for child theme edits you can use the wpex_enqueue_lightbox_scripts function instead of the shortcode)
  • Added “Inline” Option for Total Button Lightbox type dropdown which can be used to display any element on the page via a popup (new documentation link coming soon)
  • Added Ability to use a custom field named “fixed_header_start_position” to set a custom fixed header start position if needed on different pages
  • Added New “wpex_hook_footer_bottom_top” and “wpex_hook_footer_bottom_bottom” action hooks which run outside of the footer bottom inner content (so they are full-width)
  • Added “Always Hidden” option for visibility dropdown which can be used to completely hide WPBakery content that you might want to display via javascript
  • Added Image Overlay options to the “Recent News” and “Categories Grid” modules
  • Added Option to the Post Types Carousel module so you can display “Categories” just like the Post Types Grid module
  • Added Slider Revolution 6 zip file inside the plugins folder when downloading the full theme package from ThemeForest – this plugin isn’t going to be updated quite yet via the WP dashboard until it becomes more “established” but we are including version 6 for those looking to try it out
  • Updated WPBakery to version 6.0.5
  • Updated Total Theme Core to version 1.0.4
  • Updated Templatera to version 2.0.3
  • Updated Reduced the size of the main theme total.min.js file from 145kb to 66kb
  • Updated Theme lightbox. Removed older “iLightbox” script which has been deprecated and using the newer and better “Fancybox” script. The new lightbox will load conditionally only if needed (you can use the wpex_enqueue_lightbox_scripts in a child theme if needed to load the lightbox js and CSS) in order to slim down the default theme JS and CSS files keeping things well optimized and your site faster
  • Updated Footer bottom to include new “footer-bottom-flex” element around the copyright and menu so if you want to add extra content to the wpex_hook_footer_bottom_inner action hook you can do so after priority 15 and your element will not be included in the default flex box model and added two new hooks “wpex_hook_footer_bottom_top” and “wpex_hook_footer_bottom_bottom” which trigger outside the #footer-bottom-inner element
  • Updated “Title Margin” Page Setting so if you have the page header title set to “hidden” in the Customizer and have added a custom “Hidden Page Header Title Spacing” this page setting can be used to reset this added spacing
  • Updated Translatable text using “…” to use … instead
  • Updated Optimized WooCommerce single product lightbox javascript (theme now uses a single js file for all possible product types as opposed to the previous 3 different scripts)
  • Updated Menu shopping cart will not automatically switch to the “overlay” style when using the header overlay function so you can still use the dropdown style when the overlay header is enabled
  • Updated Overlay Header will use the default header menu dropdown styles by default unless you specify a custom dropdown style in the page settings
  • Updated WooCommerce messages to include a border/outline and display buttons such as “view cart”
  • Fixed Issues with load more pagination on the blog
  • Fixed Custom sidebar option not working correctly in the Post Types Unlimited plugin
  • Fixed WPML translation issues with Total grid filter links showing all categories when using the “Include Categories” setting to define the categories you want displayed
  • Fixed Issue with lightbox not working on single blog posts when enabled in the Customizer
  • Fixed Border color with tables inserted into the site footer
  • Fixed Debug error when Tribe Events Community addon plugin is enabled
  • Fixed Issue with footer columns when using custom widths not resetting to 100% on small mobile devices
  • Fixed Issue where you could not change the “Overlay Header Dropdown Style” page setting to “Default” and was reverting to “Black”
  • Fixed Issue where it could be tricky to hover over wpbakery editor tools in the front-end editor when using the overlay background function
  • Fixed Design issues in the cart dropdown for certain header styles when product titles were very long
  • Fixed Issue with post thumbnails displaying on audio format posts by default (should be disabled by default)
  • Fixed Custom accent color not being added to the cart page total price
  • Removed Title tag on term links for (post meta categories and image overlays that display categories/terms) as this is not needed and causes warnings in accessibility checkers
No dev notes for this update.
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