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Total Theme v 4.6

Release Date: February 27, 2018
  • Added Customizer Typography option for “Footer Widgets”
  • Added Customizer option for altering the default width of the Vertical Header
  • Added Mobile menu search to the Full Screen mobile menu if enabled
  • Added Option to add a custom background for your header when enabling the Overlay Header function via the page settings
  • Added Aria-hidden tag to Icon Box icons for accessibility reasons
  • Added Quora to the social options (topbar, widget, builder module)
  • Added Filters to various Total modules so you can easily alter the output – for example the grid modules like the staff grid now have filters to override the media, title, position, excerpt, social, readmore. This will allow you not only to override any “block” with custom code in your child theme without overriding the actual file but also add custom content before or after any default section
  • Added New option to the Customizer so that you can disable the Total image resizing for WooCommerce images if you prefer to use the core WooCommerce functions or if you are using a plugin that requires it disabled
  • Added New option to the Image Sizes panel to disable Wordpress srcset images
  • Added data-no-lazy attribute to several Total VC modules to prevent issues with the WP-Rocket lazy load script (added to all carousels and sliders and added to all grids when masonry layout is enabled)
  • Added Option to the Post Media module so you can enable lightbox
  • Updated Main theme screenshot
  • Updated The “Badge” in the Theme Panel (explorer icon and theme version number) so instead of being purple it will match your selected WP admin skin colors
  • Updated Total mobile icons to use blue instead of the purple gradient (more professional)
  • Updated Header logo URL so while in the front-end editor if you click your logo it won’t take you to the homepage but rather the post/page you are currently editing
  • Updated Localized theme customizer options so they read as “Theme Settings” instead of “Theme Mods” which is easier to understand for most users – screenshot
  • Updated Total image modules (grid, carousel, slider) so when selecting to display the post gallery if it’s a WooCommerce product it will check for the product gallery images
  • Updated When customizing the main WP login form button if you set a custom background or color the text-shadow will be removed
  • Updated Previously equal height elements were reset for mobile devices but this can cause some issues so now it will keep equal heights on all browser sizes
  • Updated Overlay Header function so the header menu search won’t auto switch to the Overlay Search style automatically if site is set to the dropdown menu search style
  • Updated CSS for search results page so the thumbnail uses a float position instead of absolute position
  • Updated When using the Total Customizer setting to use the WooCommerce search in the header menu it will also be used for the mobile menu
  • Fixed Cropping issues on WooCommerce product entries with newly added WooCommerce products since recent WooCommerce updates
  • Fixed Issues with self hosted videos not rendering correctly on blog posts due to WP changes to the video shortcode
  • Fixed Issues with load more pagination button not displaying
  • Fixed Missing spacing for email share text between the text and link
  • Fixed Issue when using Equal heights on Total grid modules and masonry layouts on first page load where sometimes items would go over each other
  • Removed License requirement for the demo importer so if you are having any issues with activating your license you can still make use of the demo importer
  • Removed Default overflow hidden on stretched sections (hidden overflow only added when parallax is enabled now) this allows you to use negative top positions to move the row around
  • Removed CSS that forces blog entry/post featured images to be 100% wide which was added to make sure the design looks good by default and responsively, but was causing confusion with many customers uploading small images
No dev notes for this update.
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